Crystal Fusion Drop Necklace


Crystal Combination

These embellished dual-sided Healing Crystal and resin pendants are unique and sparkle. Each handcrafted pendant comes with a 20-inch gold or silver plated necklace that coordinates with your bezel. All materials are lead and nickel free. Each necklace is made to order. Please allow up to three days for completion prior to shipping. 

This collection combines the beauty of color and the energies associated with these incredible earthly creations. 

  • CARNELIAN & JADE ◊ Positivity toward money, its use, and creative purpose 
  • JADE & PYRITE ◊ Abundance attractor amplifier 
  • SUNSTONE & BLACK TOURMALINE ◊ Ultimate happiness protector 
  • AMETHYST & CHRYSOCOLLA ◊ Surfacing inner wisdom and truth 
  • PERIDOT & GARNET ◊ Inner confidence to be heard and take initiative 
  • MORGANITE & APATITE  Divine love, clarity and knowledge 
  • ROSE QUARTZ & GREEN AVENTURINE  ◊ Loving memories and heart healing 
  • GREEN AVENTURINE & AMAZONITE  ◊ Courageously pursue goals and dreams 
  • SATIN SPAR & MULTICOLOR MOONSTONE ◊ Connecting intuition and higher self
  • SATIN SPAR & BLACK TOURMALINE  ◊ Daily energy clearing and reset
  • PERIDOT & RAINBOW MOONSTONE ◊  Recognition of patterns and personal habits. 
  • CUSTOM COMBINATION  Send me information on what energies you are looking to combine to and I will formulate a custom crystal fusion for you. 

*Crystals and stones are beautiful, and the process of their creation is impressive. They are, however, not a replacement for professional medical and emotional care. Please understand that the above descriptions will not cure ailments and are comprised of information from crystal books, online resources, and crystal classes. *