Healing Codes and Crystals with Michele Luck and Autumn M. August


Join us for a spellbinding two-hour journey with Autumn M. and Michele Luck, diving deep into the heart of Sacred Geometry, Crystals, and Sound Resonance.

Date: August 24, 2023

Time: 6:30 pm-8:30 pm

Location: 1 Wyoming Ave, Cincinnati, Ohio, 45215

Second-floor Suites at be. 

In the first hour, Autumn M. guides you through the mystical realms of Sacred Geometry and Crystals. Discover how these patterns appear everywhere, from our DNA to stars, and how crystals embody these designs. Learn to create your own crystal grid, merging beauty and power.
The second hour, with Michele Luck, takes you into the transformative world of sound resonance. Understand the vibrations that surround us and their power to clear energy centers. Discover healing codes and mantras that can reset outdated thought patterns, paving the way for your desired reality.
Join Autumn M. and Michele Luck on this exciting journey through the tangible and intangible. Awaken your potential, and experience the magic and power of transformation. Your time is now!

Take your journey to the next level with our exclusive class upgrade option! Enhance your exploration of sacred geometry and sound resonance with your themed Sacred Geometry Journal, with detailed Crystal Grid Outlines and a comprehensive guide. Plus, you'll receive an insightful complete guide on Sacred Healing codes. This enriching upgrade will support your ongoing learning, deepen your practices, and transform your experiences into tangible memories. Empower your journey and let your personal transformation begin today!