With a professional background in policy reforms concerning workplace and healthcare system inequities and inequalities, I have spent over 15 years working in community engagement nationwide. However, my journey led me to discover a new passion.

In 2017, I was diagnosed with breast cancer, and during my treatment, I turned to art as a form of healing. My artistic journey began with painting and later evolved into a thriving business, All Cheri's Intriguing Crystals. Today, I create abstract art, jewelry, and wellness products, drawing inspiration from my life experiences, the beauty of crystals and mother nature, and the resilience and inner wisdom in all of us. 

My philosophy is one of learning and interconnectedness. I view life as an adventure filled with magical moments that inspire and are inspired. Every experience is an opportunity for growth.

All Cheri's Intriguing Crystals offers handcrafted jewelry, classes, and crystal-infused wellness products that combine artistry with the healing properties of consciously sourced crystals. The products celebrate the natural beauty of the Earth and promote personal growth. My mission is to support holistic journeys towards self-care and awareness.

Through my business, I aim to empower others to discover their passions and talents and use them to positively impact the world. Whether you are looking for jewelry that speaks to your soul or a wellness product to help you on your journey, All Cheri's Intriguing Crystals has something for everyone.


With Love, 

Autumn M.