Hello, beautiful soul! I'm Autumn M., the creative heart behind All Cheri's Intriguing Crystals! 
In our vibrant and, at times, hectic world, All Cheri is more than just a brand - it's a love letter to Mother Earth's splendor and a tribute to one of my very own inspirations, my mother, Cheri. Think of me as your trusted friend, your companion on this magical journey we call life, connecting and weaving my passion for advocacy and helping others feel inspired and empowered, Sharing my understanding of the testament of resilience after overcoming breast cancer, and embracing my mother's vibrant spirit into each creation.
Each item in our collections is a masterful dance created to connect you to Earth's wonder, mirror life's transformative journey, and radiate the unwavering spirit of my mother, Cheri. We are dedicated to celebrating life's marvels and our shared human experience.
Thank you for joining this exciting adventure. So, what do you say? Are you ready to find something from All Cheri that resonates with your journey, celebrates your present story, and gaze into the mirrors of the person you aspire to be? 
Let's navigate this extraordinary life journey with love together, one beautiful moment at a time. 
Welcome to the All Cheri family - here's to celebrating you, me, Cheri, and every beautifully unique soul daring to dance in their brilliance. Here's to us, the heart of All Cheri, as we celebrate life together!
Thanks again!
Autumn M. (AKA Cheri's Daughter)