Intriguing Crystal Mystery Box

  1. Enchanted Whispers - $25 Embark on a journey of wonder with our Enchanted Whispers Mystery Box. For just $25, discover 2-3 handpicked items valued at $40 or more. This box blends the charm of crystal jewelry, the serenity of scented delights, and the inspiration of affirmation cards, each piece carefully selected to ignite your imagination and nurture your spirit.
  2. Mystic Wonders - $50 Delve deeper into the realm with our Mystic Wonders Mystery Box. Priced at $50, this collection offers 3-4 captivating items with a combined value of $75 or more. It's an eclectic mix of crystal-infused jewelry, aromatic bath and body treasures, and empowering tools designed to harmonize your energy and enhance your mystical connection.
  3. Grand Arcana - $100 Experience the ultimate enchantment with our Grand Arcana Mystery Box. For $100, receive an exclusive assortment of 4-5 premium items, collectively worth $150 or more. This box is a treasure trove of our finest crystal jewelry, luxurious scented products, bath and body indulgences, and mystical accessories, each curated to elevate your journey of self-discovery and holistic well-being.