Scented Self-Care Mystery Box

  1. Soothing Aroma - $25 Embark on a sensory retreat with our Soothing Aroma Mystery Box. At $25, this box offers 2-3 scent-infused items. The total value of the box is $40 or more. Each product, from diffusers to body oils, blends crystal essences and fragrances designed to harmonize your mind and spirit.
  2. Fragrant Harmony - $50 Discover the essence of tranquility with the Fragrant Harmony Mystery Box. For $50, enjoy 3-4 aroma-rich items with a collective value of $75 or more. These carefully curated scents, infused with crystal energy, are crafted to nurture your well-being and inner peace.
  3. Aromatic Splendor - $100 Experience the pinnacle of aromatic indulgence with our Aromatic Splendor Mystery Box. Priced at $100, this box contains 4-5 luxurious scent items worth a total of $150 or more. Each product is a symphony of fragrances and crystal vibrations, elevating your self-care to a celestial level.